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Our processing preserves all the natural nutrients. The fresh berries slowly pass through a two-stage thorough washing process which removes all leaves and dirt. It is a sad reality that industrial pollution has now touched every corner of the planet from the highest Himalayan peak to the most remote corner of Antarctica. Red Power Goji's advanced two-stage washing process removes any small residues of modern contaminants that may have drifted into our berry fields.

When the fresh berries are juiced, some of our customers prefer the clear juice and same ask us to include the skin and the seeds which are also a rich source of nutrients. Our advanced pasteurization process is computer controlled to carefully regulate the temperature to preserve the juice without damaging the delicate polysaccharides or destroying any other nutrients.

Red Power Goji juice products contain no chemical additives. Our 100% natural products are produced with only three ingredients:
(1) Ningxia's nutrient-rich golden earth

(2) waters from melted snow 

(3) pure sunshine

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